How it works

In order to work with us you should poses either with a trade license or with a company (LLC). Because our reputation at our clients is a key thing to us, we would first meet you to get to know you and afterwards we will introduce you also to the client. After a successful interview with the client we would sign a frame contract and you are ready to start at the project. At the end of the month you would invoice us based on the timesheet signed by your project manager.

Model of our cooperation

Model of cooperation

You will send us your CV together with your availability and expected rate for the project you are interested in.

In case your work experience match the project requirements we will invite you for the 1st interview.

If the 1st interview was successful we will introduce you to the client together with our recommendations. In case of positive feedback you will be invited for the 2nd interview with the client.

We will inform you about the progress.

In case the client has accepted you, you will sign a frame contract with us. At the end of each month you will invoice us the worked hours.