Who is IT freelancer

Life of freelancer brings lot of advantages which one can quickly get used to. That is why most of the freelancers do not want to go back to the permanent employment once they have worked as contractors.

IT freelancer is a person who is a professional in a certain IT area and who decided to grab his future into his own hands.

  • Do you feel that you can be more than just a regular employee without a vision of some bigger changes?
  • Do you want to be the one to decide when to work and how long your vacation will be afterwards?
  • Do you want to earn much more than until now?
  • Do you speak some foreign language and you would like to find a project abroad?
  • Do you like to meet new people and you have no problem with changing the working environment?

If you have answered at least one question with Yes do not hesitate and join the CANNYPACK team! You can find out more about how to start and how our cooperation will look like in the section How it works.