Permanent placement

In case you need a quick short-term solution (e.g. when starting a new project) we recommend IT outsourcing. But from a long-term perspective this form of cooperation means a cost increase which can’t be always accepted. In this case building up a stable and long-lasting internal team is the right solution.

Model of our cooperation

Model of cooperation

Approach us with a position description and potential tests which should complement the first round of the selection process.

From our internal database we will select the best candidates to comply with your specifications and after the 1st round of the selection process we will offer you with their profiles and our recommendations.

Out of the offered profiles you will select the candidates who best meet your expectations and propose an interview date.

We will organize a personal interview in your company at the date specified by you.

If you decide for our candidate, you will sign an employment contract directly with him/her. For our services we will invoice you an agreed one-time commission fee based on the candidate’s salary.

In case you would like to staff new permanent employees in your company please do not hesitate to contact us. We will contact you asap and during the personal meeting explain how it works.