IT outsourcing

In IT world there are often situations occurring when it is necessary to quickly and flexibly react on the market needs. Sometimes it is necessary to quickly ramp up sometimes ramp down. With permanent employees the whole process takes very long and prevents from flexibility.

Solution to this situation is a lease of external IT specialists. CANNYPACK will quickly help your company to get experienced IT freelancers while you can fully concentrate on the strategic areas of your business.

Model of our cooperation

Model of cooperation

Approach us with a project description of the desired freelancer and inform us about your budget for this position.

From our internal database we will select the best available freelancers to comply with your specifications and offer you with their profiles.

Out of the offered profiles you will select the candidates who best meet your expectations and propose an interview date.

We will arrange an interview with you and the candidate on a date that suits you.

If you decide for our candidate, we will sign a frame contract. It will define all conditions, such as rate which will be then a basis for our monthly invoice.

At the same time we will sign our contract with the.

Advantages of IT outsourcing

  • We save your time and take care of the pre-selection of the suitable candidates. Those candidates will exactly fit to the requirements specified by you.
  • Only you define the timeframe in which you need our freelancers. This allows you to be flexible and deliver with quality and time to market. You can upscale or downscale the size of your team based on your actual needs.
  • You only pay for the hours/days worked based on the pre-agreed hourly/daily rate.
  • You get rid of the ancillary expenses connected with internal employees. The expenses for education, food, travel, social and health insurance, paid vacation and other expenses related to the freelancer’s daily business are fully at his own expense.
  • Acquiring freelancers will help you to reduce the labor expenses because it is a service that belongs to the operational expenditures (OPEX).
  • You do not pay anything extra for our services.

In case you would like to incorporate IT outsourcing into your company please do not hesitate to contact us. We will contact you asap and during the personal meeting explain how it works.